About the Artist

Born in October 1980 in Southern Germany

Student of Computer Science

Member of Synister-Enterprises since January 2003 and the ProjectR-Team since March 2003

Email: benhassad@yahoo.de - ICQ: 176263102

First making simple walls only for himself, “Ben Hassad” started to post walls for the series “Dark Angel” in a fan-forum. As responses were great, he made the first walls on fan-requests, nearly all Dark-Angel walls were created in that period through requests in the “post a wish for a wall” thread. On September the 12, 2002 the site “Benhassad.de” was launched and growing larger with each wall. With responses of friends and based on own other interests, he created other walls, which were not based on the series “Dark Angel”.

Unlike most artists Ben doesn´t use Photoshop, but Photoimpact for making his walls. On the one hand it´s easier handling, cheaper and in someway better for the graphic-stuff used in the walls on the other hand he never really worked with Photoshop to make it onto the standard he is on with Photoimpact.

created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

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