Welcome to the wallpaper - tutorial

In this section of benhassad.de, I´ll try to help you doing your own walls and show you some basics on making your own wall. This section is seperated into basics, step by step and faq.


Step by Step


- The wallpaper

- basement

- Frequently asked questions

- The Jpg

- style


- One-Picture-Walls

- An idea is born


- The Programs

- Details


- Your first wall



- Invert



- Anti-Aliasing



- The Gradual Color Tool



- The Fadeout



- Beziércurves



The Basics are only explaining some elements of wallpaper-creation, that maybe include some information for understanding the hole wallpaper thing. The step by step includes a complete tutorial with images and explainations. All questions send to benhassad@yahoo.de which are related to this tutorialsection will be added and answered in the FAQ.

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