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Welcome to the wallpaper - tutorial

In this section of, I´ll try to help you doing your own walls and show you some basics on making your own wall. In the following chapter, I´ll make a wall step by step, with examples and some basic tipps. The screencaps are taken from photoimpact 5, but I´ll try to explain each step and feature without relating to photoimpact. All terms are based on my own mind, so don´t wonder if some words sound quite new to you, they are probably not official stuff.

First Chapter: The basement

The easiest way to make your wall, is to begin with an empty white basement (Just a new picture). Then, there are different ways to begin your wall:

1. You want the wall to be based on a specific image, theme or element, like a photograph of a car, landscape or person. The best pictures for walls are highresoluted pics (for example 500x650 pixels) that are ‘uncut’ at most of the edges of the element:

As you see, the left image has cuts at three sides of the element, the right picture only on two sides, which means we may add it in a corner of our wall. Another point that may help you making your wall are pictures with one backgroundcolor which fits to your basic wallcolor (like the ones below). So that´s the wall so far:

2. Another way is to start your wall without any pictures, but just with a color theme and some graphic elements (for example: circles, squares or some lines):

However you like to start, just take a moment and think about your wall. Try to find a basic idea, like a theme or a graphic you saw on a website, film or another wall. Ask yourself what your wall should be like, you don´t have to write an essay for an art-magazine, but following an basic idea helps to reduce your work.

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