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Now you have a white 1024x768 Pixel image. Now open the pic you want to add with “Open”. Search the picture on your harddrive and click on it, then click open.

Your program now shows two windows, one white and one with the car in it. Click in the car-window and press “ctrl” and “a” to mark the image, then “ctrl” and “c” to copy it. Now click in your white window and press “ctrl” and “v” to put the copy into your wall.

created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

Now you maybe want to add some text, for that click on the text-tool (normaly an icon with a “T” on it). Click in your wall and type the text you want.

You can edit your textsettings on the toolbar. There you can set the texttype, the textheigth and the color.

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