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9. The ‘Fadeout’

Another usefull tool, in nearly every program, is the Fadeout-tool or filter. The window looks like that (or nearly like that):

created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

This tool used with different settings on a black block element (first image is the block without fadeout):


An easy way to make a background is to use this tool on different image-elements and put them together. First of all, we´re adding three different pics into our wall. Then we´re using three different fadeout effects (from left bottom to right top (1), from left top to right bottom (2) and a central circle fadeout (3)):

Now we´re put the elements in new positions. That´s only an example, you can put more ‘fadeout’-elements into your background, maybe you need to use ‘contrast’ or ‘brightness’ on these elements, because they´ll probably get too dark.

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