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Save your wallpaper into jpg or bmp and select your wall in the desktop settings.

6. Invert

A usefull tool for fast editing pics is the invert tool. Used on an image it changes all colors (RGB/CMY) into the opposite color (CMY/RGB), for example cyan becomes red. Sometimes you get nice effects with that tool and you can change light images into dark ones.







created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

7. Anit-aliasing

Aliasing is the pixelbased image of an object. For example a block is approximated as a pixel image like shown below:





Anti-aliasing adds pixel with a color between the mainelement and the background, with Anti-aliasing you can reduce the ‘steps’ on your elements and make them smoother. That effect can be used on nearly every kind of object: Blocks, lines, cutted elements, text, etc.

8. The ‘Gradual Color Tool’

This filling tool is the easiest way to make your background for your wall. After selecting the two colors, your draw a path the gradient should be. After that, you can use some effects, depending on your program.

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