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Second Chapter: The style

There are two different basic styles for walls (so far in my opinion), the ‘no-border’ and the ‘full’ style:

1. The ‘no-border’ style has one backgroundcolor and no element ‘touches’ the edges of the wallpaper, that allows the user of your wallpaper (in most cases just you :) ) to set a higher resolution on his system, but still use your 1024x768 wall although his resolution is 1280x1024.

created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

2. The ‘full’ style uses all space in your wall and allows you to use some cool coloreffects, lines or images which are cutted on some sides:

Now that are some basic ways to start your wall, through the next chapters we will start a specific wall, based on a main idea, including cutting out and adding a element, adding graphics and tranparental effects and finally ‘filling the empty parts’ with text, little pictures and other helpfull cool looking stuff.

Third Chapter: An idea is born

Now we´re starting with a basic idea of our wall: I´ve thought the wall could be something like a technical look on earth, with some relation to the series Dark Angel. Searching my folders and the internet, i´ve found some images that might be cool enough for our wall:


Jessica Alba:


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