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Now we´re starting our wall with a black background and fill in the ‘outcutted’ spaceimage. The cut out of this image was real easy, just select the worldpart with an standard selectiontool and substract the black area and the astronaut with the ‘lasso’ tool or the ‘magic wand’.

created by Ben Hassad version 4.0 impressum

Next step: we´re adding the photograph of Jessica Alba. That´s a bit more difficult because the background of the photo is white, which doesn´t fit with the black background of our wall. So here we go outcutting the image:

1. Select the white parts of the image

2. Then activate the mask mode

The mask mode is an easy way to cut out imageparts with your paint tools. Just choose black in your paint tool settings to substract parts of the image (the painted area becomes red) or set it to white to add parts to your selection.

TIPP: If you want to use pictures of faces or persons, you have to be very exact with your mask mode. Bad cuts at the edges of a face or hand may ruin your wall, but if that parts are within clothes or hair it´s a lot easier. You don´t have to be that exact with your selection tools in hair or clothes parts of your image (like the image below).

3. The image after using the mask mode and the paint tools

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